What kind of Nutritionist Am I?

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am trained to evaluate your main health concerns and/or goals, assess your symptoms and investigate the root causes that could be affecting your ability to achieve these health goals.

For example: Do you have acne or other skin issues? Instead of recommending creams and cleansers to help manage them, I investigate possible root causes such as food sensitivities, stress, hormonal imbalances and gut health, and nourish your systems through different holistic recommendations.

While you can find plenty of information online, a nutritionist will deliberate over YOUR specific life/history and make a detailed plan of recommendations that suit your unique lifestyle and preferences, while giving guidance on how to incorporate them into your life.

It’s also important to have a positive relationship with your food. In school, they stressed the 80/20 rule (eating well 80% of the time). I eat my hemp hearts and big salads almost daily, and sometimes I’ll have pizza and beer too. I eat this way because I love myself, and find it much easier to stay balanced this way– rather than being caught in a binge, restrict, binge, restrict cycle of self-confusion and disappointment.  I’ve realized that what I worried made me an unworthy nutritionist, actually makes me a pretty realistic one. With everything in life, you need to find a balance – having an extreme mentality typically adds to the struggle. Walking in the middle of the road is where we find true freedom.

I don’t advise people how to have the “perfect” diet.  I just bring myself, my knowledge, and acquired tools & tricks and inspire wellness.  You can not suffer/torture your body into perfection. When we love ourselves we want to nourish – not punish, ourselves.  We want to eat veggies, exercise, sleep, meditate, take time for self-care – we want to feel good.  We also want to eat cake and ice cream and go for dinner with friends and pick what we feel like on the menu without question, because that also feels good.  You can not have a stream of negative self talk and then expect positive results.  Let go of the pressure and expectations you (or others) have decided you need to meet, and relax into your lifelong journey of self-discovery and deepening your intuition of what’s right for YOU.

In other words, I am an open and understanding nutritionist.  A nutritionist that’s still learning about my own body as I try and help you get to know yours. I’m a nutritionist that may recommend you do certain things less and others a bit more to see how it makes your body feel.  Understanding and respecting our own unique biochemical individuality, I guide you towards improving your health by teaching you to listen to, respect and love the body you are in. Helping you to learn how to make sustainable shifts in your food and lifestyle, which will lead you to optimal health and vitality. Changes that will lead to the elimination of symptoms, regaining energy and strength, improving your emotional state and appearance, and generally feeling well from the inside out.

One can do everything “right” and still not be well. And in fact, others can do everything “wrong” and remain untouched at present by illness. Logical – not so much. Life isn’t black and white, neither are our bodies.

Do you tend to be hard on yourself? Consider putting up a post-it on your wall that says “How can I be kind to myself today? What do I need today to feel nourished?”

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