My mission with Empowered Eating is to educate, motivate and empower others to achieve optimal health and lead healthier, happier, symptom-free lives. Empowered Eating is constructing simple, nutrient-dense meals and snacks that boost energy, mood and focus. It’s about identifying and addressing sensitivities and deficiencies, and removing any necessary obstacles so that the body is able to heal itself. Creating and living healthy lifestyles and routines, while clearing out what’s not working. It’s managing stress and optimizing digestion.

Services Include

Nutritional & Wellness Counselling: This includes an initial assessment with dietary and lifestyle recommendations (including a meal plan with recipes and supporting documents based on your specific needs) and follow up sessions as needed to review progress and modify recommendations to compliment where you’re at in your journey. Whether you are suffering from digestive difficulties, a diagnosed illness or simply looking to make healthier choices and find balance in your life, I can work with you to create a plan that fits all of your individual needs

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