Services Offered

My mission with Empowered Eating is to educate, motivate and empower others to achieve optimal health and lead healthier, happier, symptom-free lives. Empowered Eating is about identifying stressors and coming up with strategies to remove or move through the obstacles so that the body is able to heal itself.

Services Include

Nutritional & Lifestyle Assessments: This includes an initial assessment of current dietary & lifestyle factors , and recommendations based on your specific needs. I also offer follow up sessions as needed to review progress and modify recommendations to compliment what does & doesn’t work for you, and where you’re at in your journey. Whether you are suffering from digestive difficulties, a diagnosed illness or simply looking to make healthier choices and find balance in your life, I can work with you to create a plan that fits all of your individual needs

Life/Wellness Coaching: Often knowing what changes you need or want to make is only the beginning. Creating new habits, dissolving old ones, staying motivated and finding the time can be challenging without support. With my coaching packages, we can touch base as often as needed to navigate the obstacles together, while finding solutions that work for you.

That being said, different things work for different people. We all have specific needs and preferences at any given time in our journeys. If our conversation doesn’t resonate and make you feel like working together would benefit you, it likely wont. That’s why I offer a free 45 min coaching call to chat about what’s going on and determine compatibility. It’s a no commitment opportunity for both of us to determine whether we’re a good fit. If it isn’t, neither of us will get much out of it, so no hard feelings 🙂

Your ultimate teacher/guidance is your own self so it’s important to honour how you feel. That’s true for all of life & the choices it brings. Following what resonates with us with each small step or choice, we find our way to our authentic path & heart’s desire.

Book a free 45 min call with me to assess your needs & determine compatibility by clicking here.