Sweet Potato Nachos

If you follow my blog posts, you’ll know that I recently had some allergy testing done over at Life Labs on O’Connor. One of the foods I scored high for was corn (which surprised me) and left me wondering how I would manage my love of nachos. I also scored moderately high for wheat so basically all nacho chips are off limits for me.

Luckily, I figured out a pretty delicious (and healthy) substitute – sweet potato chips! Continue reading Sweet Potato Nachos

Candida: a Likely Culprit to your Chronic Symptoms

Candida LOVES sugar!!

Candida is a microscopic organism that typically lives harmlessly in people. A single-cell organism, Candida reproduces asexually and thrives on some of the body’s byproducts: dead tissue and sugars from food. However, if your inner ecosystem is out of balance and your immunity is weakened, you are at risk for Candida overgrowth. Unless its environment is altered and its food sources eliminated, it quickly monopolizes entire body systems, such as the digestive tract, and causes moderate to severe symptoms. Continue reading Candida: a Likely Culprit to your Chronic Symptoms

Leaky gut – What it means and what you can do

Many of you have likely heard the term leaky-gut. In school we were encouraged not to use this word, and instead refer to it as intestinal permeability. But leaky gut is now an inevitable buzz word that people relate to more than the term intestinal permeability.. so we might as well embrace it!

So what exactly is leaky gut?

Continue reading Leaky gut – What it means and what you can do

Allergy/Intolerance Testing: Different Methods and how they work

I recently had some blood work done to determine which foods my body is intolerant to. My mother asked me how they could identify food sensitivities by drawing blood, and what the difference was between this and the scratch test. I thought these were great questions that many people were likely wondering themselves when it comes to allergy testing. Continue reading Allergy/Intolerance Testing: Different Methods and how they work

11 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

Nutrition advice is everywhere: talk shows, newspaper headlines, news feeds, personal trainers, friends, and even family members. But how do you know what advice and information is accurate? It can be pretty confusing as what seemed healthy one week may be considered unhealthy the next. This is one of the many reasons you should hire a nutritionist – to help you sort out the fact from the fiction.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes have an incredible impact on your overall well being when you make small modifications over time (not all at once). I’ve seen people heal their digestive problems, overcome emotional eating, and no longer need medication for heartburn, anxiety or depression. I’ve seen people become energized and vibrant simply by making small and steady changes to their diet and lifestyle. Continue reading 11 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

The importance of SLEEP

Sleep is just as crucial for optimal health as nutrition and exercise. There are so many important processes going on while you’re sleeping. The way you feel while you’re awake depends in part on what happens while you’re sleeping. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health.

Ongoing sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. Continue reading The importance of SLEEP

How our brain can influence our gut health

Inside our digestive tract lies the enteric nervous system, a complex web of neurons that links the gut to the spinal cord and brain.

Nicknamed the ‘gut-brain axis’, this connection often guides the instincts we experience deep within the belly. It also means that what’s going on in our stomachs can impact our brain function, and our thoughts, feelings and emotions can influence our digestion (including the amount of bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation we experience). Continue reading How our brain can influence our gut health

Spring detox time

As February comes to a close, our senses can feel spring coming – the days are getting longer, the air smells different, and we begin to feel renewed. Throughout winter, we tend to just curl up on the couch to avoid the elements. While this is super cozy, the lack of movement causes stagnation within the body that can lead to toxic buildup. According to ancient Ayurvedic practice, spring is the best time of year to detox and reset. It’s time to clear out those heavy, unwanted toxins that have accumulated over the past few months. Continue reading Spring detox time

Spinach-Artichoke Dip

I’ve been trying out new elimination-diet-friendly recipes lately in hopes of growing my collection of meal/recipe recommendations for those who may need to avoid the common offending foods (dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, eggs) and was pretty impressed with this dip recipe I found in The Candida Cure Cookbook. Continue reading Spinach-Artichoke Dip