Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of labels. Eckhart Tolle is always reminding me that when you label something it’s like you’re putting it in a box, permanently defined. That being said, sometimes coming across labels have helped me find community with like-minded individuals. HSP is one of those labels. I’ve always been highly sensitive; to people, smells, visuals, emotions, digestion, chemicals & perfumes, mold & dust, the list goes on.

Being told my whole life “wow you are so sensitive” for various reasons whether physical, emotional or intuitive, made me cautious about sharing, as I don’t like bringing attention to myself.

Fast forward to last year when I was going through the final months with my dog/best friend of 14 years, I found this private group on Facebook. It’s an emotional support group for HSPs. It’s unbelievable how many active users you’ll find here quick to support you and offer suggestions based on what has worked for them in this busy, loud, stressful & fast-paced world. It was a true refuge for me where I could share absolutely anything and get nothing but curiosity, support and sharing of ideas. I love it.

I wanted to share this group with anyone reading who might benefit.

Sending love & wishing you all a beautiful weekend.


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