Anti-Anxiety Foods to incorporate into your meals

Managing anxiety levels require making lifestyle changes. Exercise, meditation, addressing the sources (if possible) and being mindful of what you’re eating. Some foods can aggravate anxiety (like sugar, refined foods, caffeine) while others can promote calm, clear thinking.

Some foods that can help reduce your anxiety are:

1-Beans: Good for your heart & nerves, with high fiber to stabilize blood sugar, and an excellent source of anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals (by converting them to water and oxygen).

2-Cashews: High in zinc which is needed for brain function, converts B-6 to an active form, which helps to synthesize serotonin.

3-Sauerkraut: There are loads of studies published showing how probiotics can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms.

4-Lemon: Lemons contain an abundance of vitamin C, which is quickly used up during stress. They’re also high in thiamin which helps our central nervous system, as well as magnesium which is proven to help calm nerves and conditions such as restless leg syndrome.

5-Chia Seeds: Omega 3 is highly concentrated in the brain. Increased amounts shown to reduce anxiety & inflammation. Check out other sources here.

6-Pumpkin Seeds: Magnesium is crucial in regulating our internal stress response. You can get 40% of your daily magnesium requirements in just a 1/4 cup.

7-Oats: Loaded with B-vitamins, magnesium, fiber – all which help to control stress and increase serotonin production.

8- Dark Chocolate: High in anti-oxidants, magnesium, and a fatty acid neurotransmitter called anandamide which affects our pleasure & motivation, while reducing anxiety & depression. Fun fact – In sanskrit (an ancient language of india that is used in yoga) Ananda means bliss. Just sayin 🙂

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