My Story

Growing up, I struggled with anemia & food allergies, often sick and missing lots of school and activities. In my early 20’s, I started working overnight shifts & gained over 30 pounds in less than 2 years (I’m 5’3″ so 30 lbs was a lot!). I assumed I was eating too much of the wrong things and went on a pretty strict diet; salads with chicken or tuna and lentil soup were my daily meals. I got a gym membership. I couldn’t lose a thing. I began to believe I simply had ‘bad genes’. I only began to notice the other symptoms once they had become a daily occurrence; sharp pains, severe bloating, gas. My life began to revolve around symptom management with little success. I eventually saw my doctor and had some testing and discovered I was lactose intolerant. After cutting out dairy, the weight started to fall off consistently and effortlessly. This was my first memorable moment of wanting to listen and take better care of my body.

In 2011 I took yoga teacher training at Rama Lotus, which was an incredible journey of getting in touch with my intuition, and experiencing a deeper relationship with myself. Yoga teaches you compassion (for yourself and others), honesty (accepting where you’re at) and how to settle your mind which in turn reduces stress and allows your body to take better care. This experience placed me on a path of love, wellness, and a hunger to learn more to take healing into my own hands.

Then I came across David Wolfe and his literature about the natural intelligence in food and detailed information about what all the different vitamins and minerals could do for your body. I was so mesmerized that I searched for a school in Ottawa where I could learn more. I found the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and enlisted in a two year Holistic Nutrition program and began my journey to becoming a nutritionist, graduating in November 2016.

Understanding the need for balance in nutrition as well as lifestyle, I’ve integrated my knowledge of yoga/mindfulness as well as holistic nutrition to serve my clients and create individualized plans based on their biochemical individuality, personal lifestyle and preferences to help them achieve their goals. After all, you can have the best diet ever, but if you’re stressed out or suffering from incomplete digestion, you are not assimilating all of those nutrients. With a curious analytical mind and a compassionate understanding of the struggles people face, I work with others to help identify imbalances that are contributing to their ‘dis-ease’. I am especially passionate about mental health and am always expanding and refining my knowledge to better serve my clients with brain-related challenges.

The research connecting brain health to digestion & inflammation is really blowing up in the last decade, although definitely not a new concept. Some doctors observed the pattern in the 60’s & 70’s, but our health care system was not interested and these observations get lost. Having personally struggled with anxiety, depression and ADHD as far back as my memories go, as well as having a history of health & digestive issues that began at birth, I am both fascinated and motivated to learn all that I can and to help empower my clients to find relief in their own struggles.