Spring detox time

As February comes to a close, our senses can feel spring coming – the days are getting longer, the air smells different, and we begin to feel renewed. Throughout winter, we tend to just curl up on the couch to avoid the elements. While this is super cozy, the lack of movement causes stagnation within the body that can lead to toxic buildup. According to ancient Ayurvedic practice, spring is the best time of year to detox and reset. It’s time to clear out those heavy, unwanted toxins that have accumulated over the past few months.

I believe that a detox shouldn’t be a challenge for your body, but more of a pampering way to cleanse it. Our body has its own natural detoxification pathways, and you can support them with a diet loaded with nourishing, diverse, fresh, seasonal and local produce. The detoxifying process allows us to feel lighter and more vibrant as we hit the outdoors again. Other benefits include weight loss, improved digestion, improved circulation, a stronger immune system, and clearer focus of the mind.

Along with infusing your cells with fresh nutrients, it’s just as important to offer your body and mind some pampering too:

  • Sleep at least seven hours per night, and get some rest anytime your body tells you to (a 20 minute nap can do wonders).
  • Take long walks in the park and get the benefit from the sunlight – your body will produce vitamin D, your minerals levels will stabilize and your mood will boost.
  • Take a detox bath every evening using Epsom salts, clay or essential oils.
  • Keep a journal  and every evening and write down at least 3 things for which you feel grateful – it’s a fantastic way to awaken your mind and connect you with the present.
  • Exercise gently – walking, stretching and/or yoga
  • Practice meditation for a balanced state of mind.
  • Drink a lot of fluids (filtered water, herbal teas) and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Don’t eat after 7 pm to allow your body to use all those nutrients for cell regeneration.
  • Start your day with warm lemon water to boost your metabolism and end it with a calming herbal tea.

Book and appointment with me here to receive a list of detoxifying food recommendations specific to your own biochemical-individuality and personal preferences, as well as explanations of why they are helpful. New clients that book in March will receive a complimentary infrared sauna treatment at Sage Wellness to assist with your detoxification process.


Happy Spring Detoxing ♥


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