11 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

Nutrition advice is everywhere: talk shows, newspaper headlines, news feeds, personal trainers, friends, and even family members. But how do you know what information is accurate? It can be pretty overwhelming as what seemed healthy one week may be considered unhealthy the next. This is one of the many reasons you should hire a nutritionist – to help you sort out the fact from the fiction.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes have an incredible impact on your overall well being when you make small modifications over time (not all at once). I’ve seen people heal their digestive problems, overcome emotional eating, and reduce their dependence on over-the-counter medication for things like heartburn or chronic migraines. I’ve seen people become energized and vibrant simply by making small and steady changes to their diet and lifestyle.

11 reasons you need a Holistic Nutritionist in your life

1.Youʼre biochemically unique and your time is valuable: There is plenty of great(and not so great) nutrition advice out there for anyone to find, but everyone is different and food reacts differently in everyoneʼs body. A nutritionist will go through your complete history: food, stress, family diseases, injuries, allergies, etc. and will apply their findings to an individualized plan based on YOU!

2. Optimal digestion – Work with a nutritionist to optimize gut health, which can clear up a laundry list of issues all on its own.

3. Stuck in a rut? Inspiration, motivation, guidance. It’s like having a food trainer instead of a personal trainer – your personal food coach to keep you on track.

4. Get to the root cause of your sleep problems, low energy, stomach aches, skin issues, and hormonal problems without resorting to medications or pill popping more supplements than food – food really is thy medicine.

5. Holistic Nutritionists do not advise you on a food guide or pyramid, but on what is best for you specifically.

6. Learn strategies to develop a new relationship with food (and yourself). When you learn how to eat better, your confidence and self-esteem improves. Good food = good mood.

7. Holistic nutrition is based on a holistic model of health, providing not only dietary guidance, but lifestyle suggestions too.

8. No quick-fix or crash dieting. Get healthy over time with small sustainable dietary changes. Weight loss will be a side effect, as well as glowing skin, higher sex drive, better sleep, healthy bowel movements.

9. Learn how to eat to prevent disease, rather than merely managing your symptoms.

10. Learn new recipes and how to cook healthy meals that are both delicious and nutrient dense.

11. Learn what nutrients you may be deficient in due to your current diet & lifestyle, including medications you are taking. Use foods and supplements (if required) to replace what’s lost.

If you are intrigued, feel free to contact me. If you are already convinced of how fabulous you can feel with my guidance and expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist then email me, tell me your top 3 health goals and I will tell you how I can help you!

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